Ultimate Cat Quiz

Take this test into the weird and wonderful world of our cat friends and see how in touch with your feline side you really are…..

A quiz to test your knowledge on cats

Question 1

Is a cat or dog’s brain more similar to a human?

Question 2

What is a group of cats called?

Question 3

Which of these flavours can’t cats taste?

Question 4

How old is the most famous viral cat - Grumpy Cat?

Question 5

Why does an adult cat meow?

Question 6

Why does a cat have whiskers?

Question 7

What breed of cat is the internet sensation Colonel Meow?

Question 8

Which part of the body do cats sweat from?

Question 9

When a cat died in ancient Egypt, the owners would shave their own eyebrows off as a mark of respect?

Question 10

Which part of a cat is the equivalent of our finger prints?

Question 11

How many views has OMG cat’s video had on Youtube (by 31st March 2016)?

Question 12

Is there such a thing as cat flu?

Question 13

How many unvaccinated cats are there in the UK?
*PDSA Animal Wellbeing (PAW) Report 2014


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